S-333™ Helicopter

S-333 Overview

The S-333 helicopter has set the standard for light turbine powered helicopters. It has the power, speed and hover performance to meet a broad spectrum of operational requirements in missions ranging from airborne law enforcement, flight training, power and pipeline patrol to personal transportation. Best of all, the S-333 helicopter provides lower direct operating cost than most turbine powered helicopters.


Powerplant and fuel system
Number of Engines
Engine Type Rolls-Royce Turbine 250-C20W  
Take-off Shaft horsepower (Max) 280 shp 109 kw
Maximum Gross Weight 2,550 lbs 1,157 kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 95 kts 176 kph
HIGE Ceiling 8,900 ft 2,713 m
HOGE Ceiling 5,900 ft 1,798 m
Maximum range 310 nm 574 km
Service Ceiling 13,000 ft 3,962 m
Hover Ceiling IGE @ 2,300 lb 12,300 ft 3,749 m
Maximum Endurance 3.9 hrs
Hover Ceiling OGE @ 2,300 lb 9,200 ft 2,835 m
Standard seating (Training)
Standard seating (Utility)


Baseline Configuration:

  • High stance landing gear with tube step
  • Triple latch door with key locks
  • Extra heavy duty skid shoes
  • Tinted canopy windows
  • Plush floor carpet
  • Dual flight controls, left-hand pilot in command
  • Accessory plug
  • Three or four-place interior
  • Utility seats with headrests
  • Four-point inertial reel restraint system
  • Switchable hot mic intercom
Powerplant and fuel system
  • Rolls-Royce 250-C20W gas turbine
  • Engine wash kit
  • Kamatics KAFLEX drive adapter
  • Oil-filled main rotor drive shaft
  • External APU plug
  • 73-gallon standard fuel tank
Rotor and drive system
  • Cambered airfoil main rotor blades
  • Fully articulated, three-bladed main rotor system
  • Elastomeric dampers on main and tail rotor systems
  • 24-volt, 30-amp/hour lead acid battery
  • Cyclic-mounted radio frequency scrolling switch
  • 150-amp starter/generator
  • Strobe/nav night light package