AS332 L1e
A multi-role powerhouse

The AS332 L1e is an evolved member of Airbus Helicopters’ medium-heavy Super Puma product line, benefitting from all the advantages of this workhorse rotorcraft family, plus the integrated advanced cockpit and automatic flight control systems utilized on the EC225 version.

Proven performance

Fast and reliable, the AS332 L1e has outstanding maneuverability and an excellent power reserve with the two Turbomeca Makila 1A1 engines – enabling this 9-metric-ton-class rotorcraft to fly almost any mission, no matter the temperature and altitude.

Its large cabin and substantial payload lift capability, inherited from the Super Puma family, suits the AS332 L1e for a variety of operations, including airlift duties in support of the offshore oil and gas industry; passenger, executive and VIP transport; aerial work; as well as search and rescue.


Advanced technologies

In evolving the AS332 L1e, Airbus Helicopters has integrated the advancements of its latest Super Puma variant, the EC225: advanced avionics; a full glass cockpit with night vision goggle compatibility; the APM 2010 digital dual-duplex four-axis autopilot; and the latest generation navigation and flight management systems.

The autopilot includes highly precise automatic hovering capabilities, automatic transitions to and from hover flight, and access to new functions such as search and rescue mission patterns.



With the rugged dynamic assemblies of Airbus Helicopters’ workhorse AS332 Super Puma, the AS332 L1e benefits from low maintenance and operating costs.

Other advantages are the percentage of commonality in tools for other Super Puma variants, as well as the Parts-By-the-Hour (PBH) program coverage provided by Airbus Helicopters.

See the Support & Services section for more details.


Oil & gas airlift

By combining the Super Puma family’s flight range, payload lift capability and large cabin with the latest autopilot and flight management systems, the AS332 L1e is highly efficient and cost-effective in oil and gas transport missions.

Its digital dual-duplex 4-axis autopilot enables automatic hovering with precise accuracy over platforms, even in strong winds. In search and rescue missions, the autopilot allows selected search patterns to be flown automatically.

The helicopter’s full glass cockpit – which brings together four 6 x 8-inch navigation and mission displays, two 4 x 5-inch vehicle management system displays, and one integrated standby instrument display – enhances situational awareness in all flight conditions, while also reducing pilot workload.


Aerial work

As a member of Airbus Helicopters’ versatile Super Puma family, the AS332 L1e is ready for such demanding aerial work missions as carrying heavy loads by sling, power line maintenance and aerial logging. A selection of optional equipment ensures the AS332 L1e can handle a wide spectrum of mission capabilities.


Passenger transport

The AS332 L1e’s large interior accommodates 19 passengers comfortably, along with two pilots, for executive and VIP transport, as well as a corporate shuttle.

As a head-of-state aircraft, cabin layouts can include front and rear lounges, galleys and lavatories, along with food service galleys.