The GE90 Engine

Specifically designed for the Boeing 777, the GE90 is the world's most powerful turbofan engine.


The GE90 series of engines are built exclusively for Boeing's 777 aircraft. The GE90 first debuted in 1995 aboard a British Airways 777 and the early GE90 models boasted outputs between 74,000 and 94,000 lbs of thrust. GE developed the first carbon-fiber composite fan blade for the GE90 engine in 1995 and has since improved upon that with larger models (-110B and -115B variants). These larger variants are now built exclusively for Boeing’s largest 777 models (777-200LR and 777-300ER). The GE90 us now the best-selling engine for that aircraft family.

Snecma of France, Avio Aero of Italy and IHI Corporation of Japan are all revenue-sharing participants in the GE90 program.

Composite fan blade

GE introduced the first ever composite fan blade in commercial aviation on the GE90. Measuring more than four feet long and weighing less than 50 pounds, it’s made from carbon fiber and a toughened epoxy matrix. This uniquely curved blade design is lighter, more aerodynamic and larger than traditional titanium blades. The lighter blades reduce the weight of the engine and help lower fuel burn. The aerodynamic design allows the blade to pull large amounts of air into the engine. The GE90-115B fan blade is a perfect example of cutting-edge engineering, design and beauty. In 2007, it was introduced into the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

World record thrust

During certification testing at GE's outdoor test facility in Ohio in 2002, the GE90-115B engine set a world record reaching 127,900 pounds of thrust. The engine ran for approximately 60 hours at triple red-line conditions (maximum fan speed, maximum core speed and maximum exhaust gas temperature) to evaluate the engine at its operational limits. The test is designed to demonstrate the engine’s capability beyond the most extreme operating conditions.




Rated at 94,000 lbs of thrust, the GE90-94B builds on the proven success of the early GE90 engine models, powering the Boeing 777-200 and -300.


GE was selected by Boeing to develop a 110,000 to 115,000 lbs thrust engine, this GE90 derivative engine powers the longer-range 777-200LR, -300ER and 777 Freighter aircraft.


  -94B -115B
Physical Information
Fan/Compressor Stages 1/3/10 1/4/9
Low-Pressure Turbine / High-Pressure Turbine 6/2 6/2
Maximum Diameter (Inches) 134 135
Length (Inches) 287 287
Length (Inches) 287 287
Power Specifications
Max Power at Sea Level 93,700 115,300
Overall Pressure Ratio at Max Power 40 42

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